For either a night at home or for that special party we have
   the following, freshly made to order either by the tray –
               or in generous individual portions…



Fresh pasta layered with either mozzarella, minced beef with pancetta and topped with parmesan cheese for a crispy finish ….. or  made with Italian  béchamel sauce, french beans & broccoli for a vegetarian option….

Now also available in Gluten free!

  £35.95 per tray (Serves 8-10)

£34.95 – per tray (Serves 8-10)
£5.65 – per portion
brownbullet Parmigiana: Layers of grilled aubergine, parmesan & tomato ragu, topped with
torn mozzarella & breadcrumbs
£35.95 – per tray (Serves 8-10)
£6.00 – per portion 
brownbullet Homemade gnocchi:


… Soft dough dumplings with pesto or fresh tomato sauce

                                                £ 5.50 – per portion (min 4)


brownbullet Arancine: Traditional Sicilian rice balls with fresh mozzarella and either ham,
….or our own bolognese   
   £ 1.65 – each (Min 6)
brownbullet Cannelloni:
Fresh Pasta tubes….filled with Ricotta & Spin
£5.50 – per portion (min 4) 
brownbullet  Cottage Pie:
Lean minced beef with carrots and garden peas in rich gravy, topped with
mashed potato and cheese….
  £34.95 – per tray (Serves 8-10)
£5.65 – per portion                                             
brownbullet Shepherds Pie:
A traditional favourite.. lean minced lamb, garden vegetables and rich gravy
topped with 
creamy mash 
  £34.95 – per tray (Serves 8-10)
£5.65 – per portion 
brownbullet Moussaka:
Lean minced lamb with aubergines and a light and creamy cheese sauce,
topped with sliced potato and parmesan….
  £35.95 – per tray (Serves 8-10)
£6.00 – per portion 
brownbullet Poachers Bake:
Delicious, oven baked venison in a rich gravy, topped with mashed
sautéed potato 
  £36 – £38 per tray.. subject to availability
(Serves 8-10)
£7 per portion 

newfooterAlthough a lot of the food we produce can be frozen – we would prefer to supply you on the day so please ask us!